Our Mission

To provide members with a championship golf course always presented in the best possible condition, equal or better than any of the premier golf courses in Australia.

Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club is committed to the principles of ecologically sustainable maintenance and development.

A Unique Environment

The boundary at THGCC is fully fenced and provides a haven for an abundance of native animals.

Opportunities to enhance the ecology within the course and provide a beneficial habitat for all native flora and fauna are prioiritised and implemented.

Water Distribution

Eight lakes provide for both irrigation and surface water run-off and have a total capacity of 180 mega litres, enough to irrigate the Course for 12 months without replenishment from natural rainfall.

The lakes are integral with the course wide macro drainage system and are connected by underground irrigation piping. The fully integrated system enables irrigation waters to be distributed around the different lakes within the Course.

Key Objectives

  • Efficiently manage the use of water on the course.
  • Reduce water consumption and improve water quality in the lakes.
  • Effectively manage the use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides on the course.
  • Reduce usage and minimise the impact of chemicals on the surrounding indigenous fauna, flora and wetlands.
  • Reduce waste by recycling materials where practical.
  • Regenerate bushland areas on the course.

Distinctive Microclimates

All green complexes are situated in their own unique location. And each is affected by their location’s ability to provide sufficient sunlight, air movement and rates of moisture evaporation to enable and promote a healthy growing environment.

While all greens undergo common procedures, each area requires variation in an endeavour to arrive at a set of greens consistent with the other, subject to the specified tolerances.

Native Plants

The course exists in a pristine native bush environment. Endeavours are made to regenerate native bush areas to provide additional harmony with the surrounding environment.

Trees and their native bush surroundings that line the fairways will be kept free of unwanted weeds and grasses.

Native plants such as xanthorrhoea, waratahs and lamandras will be left untouched to take their natural course.


Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club is committed to the principles of ecologically sustainable maintenance and development.

The Club places great emphasis on corporate and individual responsibility and compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to environmental management.

What you might see

Over 690 fauna species live in Ku-ring-gai, including invertebrates and fish. On any day you might see Azure Kingfisher, Eastern Whipbird or a Glossy Black Cockatoo. It is also home to Bandicoots, Echidna and Swamp Wallabies.

Lace Monitors are a common sight, along with turtles, water dragon and tree snakes.

Natural vegetation varies from Sydney Blue Gums and Blackbutt to Stringy Bark, Grey Iron Bark and Bloodwood in the dry forest areas.

It is bursting with stunning native plants, with over 800 plant species.