Course Care

The Rules of Golf contain general information on etiquette. All players are asked to familiarise themselves with this section of the Rules. As well, the following points are important:

Sand Buckets / Divot Repair

It is a requirement that all players carry a sand bucket and use the sand to repair divots. In repairing divots with sand, it is not sufficient simply to deposit a quantity of sand in the damaged area. It is preferable to cut in the divot with a club first, then deposit a small amount of sand evenly over the divot.

Bunkers and Rakes

Always enter bunkers from the lowest point or between entry / exit points. All players must smooth out footprints and repair damage to bunkers. It is often better to do this with the back of the rakes provided, as this ensures a more even surface for the next player. Rakes should be returned as gently as possible towards the centre and in a direction parallel to the line of play, away from the point of exit. Please do not leave rakes outside or on the edge of bunkers.

Cart Paths

We encourage players, wherever possible, to walk on the concrete cart paths. This is especially important next to tees where excessive foot traffic causes unsightly wear. You will find the combination of soft spikes on concrete paths much more comfortable and certainly more beneficial to the golf course.

Putting Greens, Flag Sticks and Holes

The greens at Terrey Hills are the equal of any in Australia. To ensure they remain that way, we need your help. The following points should be noted:

Flag Sticks

  • Take care when removing and replacing the flag sticks that you do not damage the hole.
  • Do not drop the flag stick on the green.
  • Avoid walking over or standing close to the hole.

Pitch Marks

  • A properly repaired pitch mark will recover in two days, while those not repaired will take weeks to return to normal.
  • In repairing pitch marks, do not lift the damaged area. Instead, attempt to pull the sides of the pitch mark back to its centre, using several gentle movements then tap down the repair with the sole of your putter.

Pull Buggies / Ride on Carts

  • Pull Buggies should not be wheeled between greens and bunkers in order to reduce wear in these areas. Please plan your approach to the green complexes and walk around the green and bunker complexes. Do not take pull buggies across greens.

We encourage, wherever practical, that carts remain on the concrete cart paths. Please adhere to cart signage and ensure that carts remain on the paths in the vicinity of tee and green complexes.