Dress Code

Members and guests are expected to adopt a standard of dress in keeping with a club of our standing. It is especially important that guests of members be acquainted with the dress code, prior to arriving at the course. The Club’s management with the support of the committee has been empowered to take steps to ensure that standards of dress are met and may refuse access to the course and/or clubhouse to people whose dress does not comply with standards. Our dress regulations are as follows;


Shirts must have collars, sleeves, be clean and always tucked in. High crew collar shirts (with golf logo) either short or long sleeved are acceptable.

Ladies – shirts or blouses with collars must be tucked in, unless designed to be worn out.

Trousers and Shorts

Trousers and shorts must be tailored, neat and clean. Shorts should be approximately knee length.

Ladies – Tailored slacks, skirts, shorts, plus twos and culottes are acceptable.

The following are not permitted: jeans, jean-style pants, tracksuit pants, cord or elastic top pants, cargo shorts (shorts with exterior pockets) and cord or elastic top shorts.


Ankle length, mid length and knee length – predominantly white in colour are acceptable.

Ladies – Are permitted to wear non-white socks.


On the course proper, golf shoes with soft spikes are essential for play.

In the Clubhouse, the minimum standard acceptable is clean golf shoes, boat shoes (with no socks) and walking shoes in good condition. Thongs or sandals are unacceptable.

Metal spikes are not permitted.


Hats and caps should be removed inside the Clubhouse – Golf Shop and Locker rooms excepted.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is not permitted within the Member Lounge, restaurant or on course except in the case of an emergency or being used for scoring. When in the Member Lounge or Restaurant members and guests are requested to activate either vibrate or silent mode and to move into the foyer areas or outside if required to answer a call.