The Elected Committee represents the interests of the members of the Club in assuring, through co-operation with the Board and Management, that the facilities, services and activities of the Club are maintained and improved for the benefit of members.


To make suggestions and recommendations as may be deemed appropriate or necessary from time to time on any aspect of the Club, its facilities, services or activities.

To monitor the financial performance of the Club by regular, and in any case not less than quarterly, receipt of information.

To receive and communicate to the Board and management concerns or dissatisfaction brought to their attention by members.

To assist in the administration of the Rules of the Club including without limitation any issues of member discipline as may emerge in the playing of the game.

Member complaints and suggestions

One of the duties of the Committee is to receive and respond to complaints and suggestions from members. The committee has implemented a register to record the processing of input from members and this will become an integral part of the formal procedures of the committee. Part of the process is to acknowledge receipt of the issue and to advise the member of the ultimate outcome.

It is suggested that members put their issues in writing, addressed to the General Manager, as this allows the committee to better assess the seriousness of the matter and there is less chance of misinterpretation. However members are encouraged to approach their committee representatives with issues. Oral complaints and suggestions received by committee members will be assessed by them, and if considered of importance or interest to the membership, will be entered in the register and dealt with accordingly.

The register will not be used to monitor complaints involving other members or staff as procedures are already in place to process these issues. However members are advised that if any action is demanded by them on such issues the complaint must be in writing and must be timely.

Committee Members

Jim Clegg

Chris Freeman – Captain

Frank Keenan – Match and Finance Committee Chairperson

Trevor Maloney

Phil McCarroll – Vice Captain 

Bev Peterson – House Committee Chairperson

Rick Schweikert – Course Committee Chairperson